Business Water Consultants

Switch your business water suppliers and save, or let us take a look at your invoices and make sure you’re not due a rebate.

Switch Suppliers

Recent rule changes (April 2017) means that businesses across the UK are able to switch their water suppliers for more competitive rates for both water and sewerage. However, it’s never really that simple.

Water Rebates

You could be being billed incorrectly for your water supplies. Suppliers don’t always take car parks or other land into consideration when they bill you, which means they could be billing you more than you owe.

We’ve secured rebates for a surprising amount of our clients now (one of which is worth £17,000 and went straight into our client’s pockets!), and it’s as easy as a site survey and a couple of discussions with your current supplier.

If you want to make sure you haven’t been billed incorrectly, contact us today.