Bulk LPG Suppliers

We’ve been supplying bulk LPG to our clients for decades with some of the most competitive LPG prices you’ll ever find.

A great alternative to those without mains gas

LPG is one of the most economical alternatives to mains gas. This is especially the case when it comes to cooking, as electric alternatives can cost as much as 4 times more than their gas counterparts.

Thinking about converting to LPG?

We can provide you with a free site survey to quote for the conversion. Based on the LPG price at the time, we can also calculate your savings per annum based on your current costs, whether its electricity or oil, you’ll know whether you’re making the right choice.

Contact us today to start the ball rolling!

Tank Telematics

Once you’re up and running with us, you can be rest assured that you never run out of juice. We’ll install your tank with telematics that will automatically tell us whether you’re running low, and we’ll send someone out to fill you up before you run out! Perfect for those busy days in the kitchen.

Always competitive

All our clients have been moved onto a tracker price, meaning you’ll never be paying over the odds. We’ll double check your invoices and correct any mistakes, much like our Business Energy Consutlants service. We’ll also fix any issues before they get to you, just so you have peace of mind that you’re always paying what you need to, nothing more, nothing less.