Business Energy Consultants

From procurement to budgets, we monitor the energy markets for Electricity, Gas and LPG to provide our clients with the best deals to help your business save on utility overheads.

Business Electricity and Gas Consultants

At Pro-Eco, we remain independent, impartial, and most importantly, transparent.

We have a wealth of knowledge gained over years of experience, which means you can trust in us to secure competitive energy contracts for your business.

We deal with the following when working on your behalf:

  • Contract Termination
    • We’ll termination the contract on your behalf and make a record of when this has been completed.
  • Contract Negotiation
    • We’ll scour the market for the most competitive rates for your business, and show you the results before we decide to go ahead.
  • Contract Placement
    • With your permission, we’ll place the contract and get this confirmed with the supplier.
  • Quality Control
    • The next step is to confirm the new contract has been placed, and everything is correct.

That's just the start...

The other part to our business electricity and gas service is equally, if not more important.

We’ve seen too many instances where suppliers are billing their customers incorrectly. This could be anything from billing the incorrect meter, doubling rates, and even switching undercharging clients by thousands a year. This obviously becomes problematic when it’s corrected and leaves the client in an horrendous position.

Our team of dedicated account managers are all experienced energy brokers and work hard to prevent and fix these mistakes before they become a problem. They do this by:

  • Checking invoices
  • Speaking to suppliers on your behalf
  • Calculating annual and monthly budgets so you know what you should be paying
  • Ask for meter readings if the account has been estimated