The Early Years

Steve Wennington started Pro-Eco at the beginning of 1984. The idea was to scour the utilities market, finding savings for SMEs and giving them access to the same deals previously only available to huge corporations.

It wasn’t just about the money – Steve wanted to help save his clients time as well. He came up with the idea of a ‘Letter Of Authority’, which when signed by the client would allow Pro-Eco to check their invoices (and correct them if necessary) before they had to pay them. At the time Steve never imagined that this idea would later be adopted and used by hundreds of companies – but in fact it’s now considered standard practice for all brokers in the energy industry.

Our first logo depicted a dove, the bird of peace. The colours represent the sun, sea and land, and together, we wanted to represent a community looking out for each other as well as helping businesses be more energy conscious.
We have grown over the years and now have a total of seven associates. Together, we help upwards of 650 independent businesses across the UK, and we’re proud to watch that number grow year on year.

The majority of our clients are in the hospitality trade, so it’s become a speciality of ours. We help hundreds of pubs, hotels, golf clubs, working men’s clubs, and restaurants. We don’t stop there though. With our collective 50+ years of experience, we also help car dealerships, data centres, holiday parks and more!