Hospitality Purchasing Consultants

Pro-Eco helps independent businesses within the hospitality sector save time and money on a whole range of services. Whether you’re looking for energy procurement and bill validation through to a full Energy Management Service including site surveys and training (with our associate Hospitality Energy), we can help.

Our goal is to give small, independent hotels, pubs and restaurants the same buying and procurement power as large national chains.

Things You Should Know


What's your end date?

A recent OFGEM report (2016) showed that 30% of SMEs aren’t aware of their utility contract end dates which is why so many businesses are paying too much for their energy.


Read the Ts and Cs!

The same report showed that 28% of SMEs don’t read the whole contract before signing it making them easy targets for many suppliers.


Sounds expensive...

It makes sense that many SMEs are paying as much as 50% more than they need to for their utilities.


and excessive!

As many as 40% of businesses we analyse are being charged for services they don’t need such as excessive standing charges, availabilities and even (if you’re a charity) CCL.


We take everything off your shoulders, from contract negotiation, dealing with queries and even checking your invoices. With average savings of over 10%, you’d be silly not to talk to us.

Taking on a new business?

Whether you’re just about to start a new venture, or you’ve been in business for decades, we can help you save time and money on the admin, while you concentrate on making your business great!

Main Benefits

There is a monthly management fee that can be cancelled at any time! Our suppliers pay us a commission for sending business their way.

We’ll check your invoices and correct mistakes so you don’t have to.

We only deal with trusted, vetted suppliers.

Know how much you need to pay, and when you need to pay it.

Call us, email us, text us, we’re always here to help.

Our Team

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Partner, Managing Director

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Partner, Account Manager

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Partner, Account Manager